Our mission is to provide a convenient online marketplace that connects organizations with their supporters worldwide, offering custom merchandise that they can proudly showcase.

What we provide

We create a free, custom website with a chosen URL for easy access. You and authorized users can select products, customize with our designer, set prices, and upload to your store for immediate orders.

What this means for you

We offer on-demand printing with no quota and no increase in price for additional colors, allowing unlimited, complex designs. Set item prices as desired, from production cost to a higher margin. Your organization retains 90% of profits, while we take 10% for manufacturing, transportation, marketplace, licensing, and finances.

Why Us?

Choose Fundraising Fits for outstanding services, exceptional customer care, and a unique custom website. Raise funds or simply enjoy high-quality products at lower prices than competitors, with free shipping. Experience satisfaction with Fundraising Fits.

Getting Started





Parent Organizations

Organizations have two roles: members (supporters) and administrators (store managers). Creators automatically become administrators with full access to the admin page, found in the menu bar when signed in.

As an administrator, you'll primarily use the "Manage Products" section to select items, customize designs, set prices, and instantly upload to your site. You can create member-exclusive products with passwords and remove unwanted items from the store.

To ensure prompt payments and effective financial management of your store, we've partnered with Stripe, allowing you to link your bank account and access financial data seamlessly. Trust us to help you streamline your finances and keep your store running smoothly

Your site can have multiple administrators for various roles. Simply search a member's username and grant admin status with a single click.

Bulk campaigns simplify group orders, allowing members to individually order products that are then compiled for a discounted shipping rate, eliminating the hassle of collecting sizes and payments.

Parent Organizations indicate affiliations (e.g., greek life) for access to copyrighted/trademarked material through licensing agreements. Specify your associated school to make your organization easily searchable from the homepage.

Greek Services

While we provide our services to any organization, a large amount of our clients are associated with Greek Life. To accommodate this, we are licensed for many national fraternities and sororities which gives us, and your organization, access to copyrighted and trademarked material that would otherwise be illegal to use for commerce. Our licensing agreements allow you to sell products freely without having to deal with the stress and economic burden of the licensing process.


We take pride in offering a wide variety of products to suit your needs, from comfortable clothing to stylish accessories. Our collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, flags, and more, all from trusted brands such as Comfort Colors, Cotton Heritage, and Hanes. Click below to browse our extensive catalog of over 100 items to find the perfect fit for you.


Charlie Ray

Charlie Ray

CTO & Co-Founder

Charlie Ray, CTO & Co-Founder, is head of the technological services that Fundraising Fits provides. He uses his experience from building bespoke software at Edgecore and Franklin Resources to carefully and effectively construct a user-friendly site and marketplace. Charlie is from Boulder, Colorado and currently studies at California Polytechnic State University with a concentration in computer science.

Luke Crotty

Luke Crotty

CFO & Co-Founder

Luke Crotty, CFO & Co-Founder, is responsible for the financial operations, marketing, and outreach of Fundraising Fits. Luke previously worked in wealth management at UBS and currently studies at Dartmouth College with a concentration in economics. After originally being brought up in Brielle, New Jersey, Luke moved to Boulder, Colorado during his early childhood. He enjoys hiking, skiing, and traveling.


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